Thursday, October 27, 2011

Doggies begin to Cocoon!

It's getting very chilly in the Northeast and the puppies definitely know how to stay warm.

Bruno and Winnie have been cuddling on the couch and snuggling in bed whenever they can.

This time of year, Bruno even stays asleep long after we get ready for work, huddled under blankets.

When I finally lift them up to move him to his crate for the day, he is so hot and sleepy that his eyes barely open!

 I wish I could cocoon like them all day!

Haloween is here (almost)

What will your pooch be for Halloween?
While Bruno is terrified of the holiday- due to the amount of little children (the scariest things on earth!) and the multitude of scare-crows and lawn-ornaments, we still think he doesn't mind playing dress up once in a while....

This is our first Halloween with him (we will have him a whole year on November 9th!) and he will be a Horse with a Jockey on his back! Its a great costume I picked up at Target for only $10. Winnie will be a Lobster again!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some recent PitterPatter Faves

....Including more of our submissions!

(Bruno eating Dairy Queen at night)
So cute- our doggies hate baths too
This little cutie was adopted this summer from RBARI

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bruno the driver

Bruno waits patiently for his Dad to come out of the store...
This past weekend he went to the dog park for the first time with his Grandma! Apparently, he barked at strangers, but everything went well! We will have to try this again sometime.

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