Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Adora-BULL videos

check out this cuteness from a super cute (& vocal) pibble who really doesn't want a bath.
Winnie hates baths so much she won't even set FOOT in the bathroom!

And this one, where a pibble is whining not to go to bed. Bruno does this all the time, but the howling is so cute sometimes, its hard to resist.

Pittie Pick-me-up!

Tired of looking at the poor emaciated faces of pitties waiting to find a home? Well now you can check out StubbyDog's Rescue Dog of the Week to see all the amazing transformations of lucky and adoptable dogs all over the country.

Check out this week's doggy, Dumpling, a four-month-old who was abandoned, emaciated, only 24 lbs and had the worst care of demodectic mange and secondary infections that the vets had ever seen. He has made such an amazing recovery!

Dumpling BEFORE
Dumpling AFTER

Now he is 1 year old, 47 pounds and is happy and playful. He loves to play with his foster buddy, loves to cuddle and is available for adoption! Check out more pics of Dumpling enjoying life!

Dumpling is available for adoption through Rocket Dog Rescue, which is located in San Francisco, CA. You can check them out on Facebook or see Dumpling on PetFinder or check out his blog.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Running off leash

Every once in a while we like to take Winnie and Bruno to run and enjoy the outdoors off the leash. Unfortunately, Winnie can't be taken off the leash anymore- not since we took her to her Great Grandpa's house in Allentown and she almost ran across the road to chase a group of Deer.

But Bruno is SO obsessed with balls and sticks that he can be off-leash just about anywhere and will follow us and stop dead if we tell him to- not sure where he learned this, but it makes sense given that all we have to say is "Crate" and he goes right into it.

They love Fairmount Park in Philadelphia- a park with a few baseball diamonds and an open field where he can run and chase balls for hours.

Here Bruno is lugging around a giant branch and Winnie is rolling herself in the sand. (Needless to say they both got baths afterwards!)

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