Animal Care and Control

Throughout my blog, you will see me reference Animal Care & Control of New York City- or as some may call it "the pound" or "the public shelter." Each year, 10,000 animals do not make it out of this shelter system alive-- the majority of them are pit bulls. The board of this organization claims that these animals are all sick or aggressive to be placed in homes.

The sad truth is that after only a couple days, many of the dogs catch a particularly virulent strain of Kennel cough- which is treatable with 10 days of anti-biotics as long as the dog is in a clean environment. In fact, as the dogs are put down, they are being treated with doxycyclin by the shelter vet. In addition, the SAFER test, used to determine behavior, is often administered in such a way that dogs that approach other dogs with raised ears and a stiff tail may be deemed dog-aggressive.

Poorly taken photographs, inadequate health conditions, inaccurate breed assessments and inept  and lazy shelter workers who give the dogs names like "Dog" contribute to the problems at AC&C NYC. Sadly, rather than keep its good employees- like Emily Tanen who look these amazing shots- the AC&C fires employees who show any effort to save lives by using social media.

Unfortunately, in her absence, only shots like these (this one of a dog named... "Dog") will be featured- making it even harder for these dogs to find homes:

This is all because the AC&C which is cash-strapped due to budget cuts, has limited space. Unfortunately, Mayor Bloomberg would be able to provide more space if he built the court-ordered shelters in Queens and Staten Island- both of which are not yet built.

To read more about Animal Care & Control, please click here.
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