Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop Puppy-Mills!

Tell them to stop breeding!

100,000 Pitbulls die in shelters every year, but puppymills in Missouri and elsewhere continue to breed these animals and sell them to pet stores for a profit. Puppy mill pups often are bred and grow up in cramped cages. Many develop neurological disorders or have genetic diseases or other problems.

Missouri is home to 23% of the Puppy mills in the U.S., many dogs from Missouri are shipped out via the internet to unknowing buyers in other states. Many shelters resue pups from Missouri and bring them to other states for veterinary care and better homes (which is our my own precious Winnie came to find me through Animal Haven in Soho, NYC). However, there is finally a proposed bill to stop the cruel practice in Missouri, called Proposition 8 (the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act) which sets restrictions on the size of these commerical breeding facilities and provides the animals with more basic care.
See the add for Prop 8 below:

Please see the ASPCA's list of ways to help stop the puppy mills:

ASPCA- 10 ways to help

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