Monday, January 10, 2011

THIS is the face of the ACC

UPDATE- Roxy is being pulled by a Rescue group and placed with a foster parent. Hopefully with a couple weeks of antibiotics and a warm bed she will get all better (just like Bruno did).

This is what a stay at Animal Care and Control will do to a dog.

This is a photo of Roxy, happy and alert.

Roxy has been at the shelter only 11 days and has caught a severe case of Kennel Cough.

She is about to be put to sleep today because of her illness, which she caught in the shelter.
In addition, the strain of KC in ACC is extremely virulent and has reduced poor Roxy, who 11 days ago was home with her family who had to give her up due to expenses, to a scared sick animal who is going to die alone.

This is a video taken by a volunteer, you can see how sick and lonely Roxy has become in the shelter environment.

Please someone save her, nurse her back to health and give her the future she deserves.
Roxy's URGENT Page.

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  1. Yikes. Thanks for sharing Roxy's story. I really hope something can be done in time.


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