Thursday, May 12, 2011

ACC Charity Cocktail Party

Last Saturday, Chip and I were able to go to NYC 4 ACC's Love4Animals Fund-Raiser! Thanks SO much to for the tickets we won in the raffle! The event was held at  the Brian Farrell Art Gallery, at The Chelsea Modern, Gallery G4.

There were cocktails and photographers and we even got our picture taken!

My favorite part of the night was meeting a pit-bull named Leonard.
The funds raised at the last cocktail event were allocated to canned foods ($1,000), toys ($500), cardboard carriers ($1,200) and emergency care – hospital bills, treatment and corollary expenses – of its sponsored dog, Leonard ($3,300).

Months ago, Leonard was an emaciated puppy at Animal Care and Control--but at the event, he was the healthy and happy guest of honor!

He is currently being fostered by a vet, but needs a permanent home. He is suuch a sweet-heard and barely minded the large crowds of adoring fans.

You can see all of the pictures here.

The only thing that slightly detracted from the evening for me was thinking about the many animals that were going to be put to sleep the very next day- and wishing that these people could help stop that somehow. Giving money to Animal Care and Control is not a bad thing- they need all the money they can get, but it is frustrating that other city shelters do manage to be no-kill, or at least kill for space less often.

Unfortunately- if Leonard had not been in such a horrible state- he may not have been rescued at all. Luckily, some dogs (about half) do make it out and they are stronger and more affectionate because of their terrible experience.


  1. WOW! Im gonna go check out PetItForward, I always forget to! The picture is amazing, it looked like ou had fun. (and I pray for no-kill NYC as well!)

  2. Great picture of the two of you! That leonard is sure a sweet boy and he has come a very long way from the skin in bones he was!

  3. Pit Bulls are such a misunderstood breed. Hopefully, someday, these dogs will lose the stigma.

  4. What a nice event and you guys look so happy! But you're right - for every one saved, how many are put to sleep? Very sad.
    Love your slideshow, BTW


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