Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eukanuba Challenge Weeks 4 & 5

We decided to give it a little longer till we updated you all on the food challenge and it's a good thing!
For the first time since we have had him (over a year now) Bruno's coat it starting to soften and become shiny. He still (charmingly) lacks eyelashes - which causes his eyes to tear oh-so-cutely, but his ear hair is coming in nice and soft. (finally!)

The pups still love the taste of the wild salmon formula and since we cut back on the cups for Winnie we haven't seen the weight gain we started to see before.

The best thing about the food really has been that they have had no trouble adjusting to it- we have even had to go back and forth to their old food on trips to our parents' homes and they never had a single belly-ache!

We'll wrap up the challenge soon and let you know how you can win your own Eukanuba in the next post!

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