Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pittie of the Week: Lucy- A face you have to love...

Lucy does have a face only a mother could love, but being a pittie-mom, I love it.

Abuse and over-breeding of pit bulls is not just an American problem. This dog, Lucy was rescued off the streets of Bogota, Columbia where she was being beaten and forcibly and repeatedly raped by aggressive male dogs for breeding. She deserves all the love and comfort in the world. Her face my be disfigured, but it shows the world what she has been through, and will help many people understand the plight of dogs like Lucy who deserve so much more.

Here's her description from Strays from the Heart:

Hi my name is Lucy! I've was rescued from the streets of Bogota, Colombia and lived in a foster home over there for about 6 months before coming to the U.S. Prior to my rescue I was beaten by my former owner so badly that my nose and jaw were broken. Both body parts have already healed, but since they never set properly this gave me my uniquely good looks and character. What do you think? Unfortunately not much can be done about my face unless they break the bones and reset them again, not sure I want to go through that. Whoever did this to me also pulled out some of my canine teeth so I could not fight off the many male dogs that would repeatedly mate with me when I was in heat. Yeah I know, this is a terrible way to live. But although I was used as a breeding machine, by my lucky stars, I somehow got away. Then I was living on the streets, alone, emaciated and pregnant. Then that’s when my angel found me.

Upon examination at the vets office they found that my uterus was twisted and they had to decide whether to save my puppies or me. They chose me! They estimated that this was my 5th or 6th pregnancy in a row, having lived my whole life, 3.5 years, in an abusive home. When the neighbors found out I had been rescued, they approached my angel and told him that I was also used as a submissive dog in several dog fights in order to train aggression into the fighting dogs. So you see, I never reacted, because I’m a lover not a fighter! 

Thankfully some good people got together to bring me here and now I’m ready to find my forever home with a great family! I'm a bit shy of strangers but never aggressive and just need to build up my confidence with both dogs and people. As a matter of fact, where I’m staying now, they say I’m the sweetest thing! Always ready for a good belly rub. While my past has been hard, I hold no grudges. Typical to my breed, I just want to live and have fun!

I'm now spayed and have had all my shots, I’m in good health and can eat without a problem. I'm ready for a new life and new home! If you like short, stocky, 50-pound brown girls, then I know you’ll love me! Sadly, I’m currently living in boarding and would love to break out of here. If interested in adopting or fostering me please call Vivianne at 646-662-0251 –or- you can email her by clicking here! Woof!

To learn more about Lucy, or to foster or adopt her,  email or call Vivianne above, or email or call Beth Silberg at Strays from the Heart. ( / (347) 242-0459)


  1. She's lovely! I wish the media picked up on stories like Lucy's rather than the sensationalistic ones they choose instead!

  2. I read about her on petfinder! and now she is gone - i hope that means she found her forever loving home!!!!! i too am the mother of a pitbull as well as some sheep, goats, and chickens and my pitty loves all of the other critters - even the chickens!


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