Friday, July 1, 2011

Pittie of the week: Aldus

Aldus is an adult apricot and beige red-nosed Pit Bull.

"This stunning red nosed Pit Bull Terrier is Aldus. His cropped ears give him a sharp elegance that is definitely eye catching. Aldus found himself as a stray on the streets of Manhattan and ended up at the shelter. No owner came looking for him, and no visitors at the shelter looking to adopt, considered him. Many people are intimidated when they see a bully breed dog with cropped ears, which is like the old saying "judging a book by it's cover." If they had just given Aldus a chance like I did, they would have experienced a dog that is both affectionate and well mannered.

He is firendly and enjoys being pet, resting his head gently in your lap as you do so. My feeling is that Aldus doesn't have any expectations from people, because I don't think he's really ever experienced the love and committment of an owner.

His condition would suggest that no one cared much about him in his previous life. Aldus was thin at 51 pounds, and should be closer to 60-65 pounds. He had skin irritation around his muzzle and on his tail, as well as an ear infection. All those are signs of poor nutrition/diet and simple neglect. Well, he's on to bigger and better things now. I have him in a foster home with Kelly and her boyfriend. They absolutely adore Aldus, and are impressed with his intelligence. He was treated for his ear infection and is now getting regular meals and with a good quality dog food his skin and fur are healing and becoming shiney. Kelly has taught him the commands Sit, Down and Paw and walks very well on a leash. He is also housebroken.
Alldus is dominant (confident) in nature initially with other dogs, more so because he is unsure of their intentions. However, once he realizes they are friendly, he enjoys their companionship and playing. A home with a large friendly submissive female or male dog would be the best fit for him. He has not been cat tested, so at this time I think a home without cats is probably best.

 This is a dog that is going to make a great companion for someone that loves the bully breeds. With continued training and love, Aldus is going to thrive in front of your eyes, and become an ambassador for his breed. If his handsome boy has captured your eye and you would like the opportunity to give him the loving home and life he deserves, then please visit our website at and fill out one of our online applications, making it out to my attention (Nanette.) Aldus has been neutererd, and is vaccinated for rabies, distemper and bordetella. He is heartworm negative and microchipped."

Aldus seems like a good boy who would be so grateful to be given the affection he hasn't been given all his life. If you or someone you know would love to support a fantastic rescue and end up with a loyal new friend, please email Nanette. (direct: )

To see other dogs available through Waggin Train- please click here. There are so many amazing pit bulls that have captured my heart and will capture yours (Including these adorable puppies!)

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