Friday, July 15, 2011

Pittie of the Week: Fiona

Look at that smile!!!  Fiona is a 2 year old adoptable Pittie in Tampa Bay, Florida.

 She gets along with other dogs, kids and people, but not cats.

Fiona is deaf (as many white dogs can be)- which may be why she has been at the shelter for over a year - but she doesn't seem to know it!

She is a super sweet happy girl who loves to swim and play. (She even puts her nose under the water! Check it out in the video below!)

How can you live without a pittie smile like FiFi's??

This happy girl has basically grown up at the shelter- and while she's had a lot of fun and great experiences, she really needs a home forever.

"I iz seerius bunnee"

"I's famoose pibble"


Alshie Burke writes about FiFi :

"This is Fiona. She turned two last October and has been in our rescue, Pit Stop Bully's Rescue, since she was 10 months old. People pass her by due to her deafness. I know, because I took a poll. With the right pack leader she can be in a h...ome with numerous dogs. During pack play at my house she's in a pack of 10-12 dogs at any given time. and loves her time with them. She's not so great with cats. Fiona may be deaf but she's smart as a whip. She's crate/house trained, loves her baths, and LOVES to swim. She even swims with her head under water (pics of this in above video). It's time for her to find a family of her own. She's growing up in rescue becasue she cannot hear. I envy her. I envy the fact that when I walk into a room of barking dogs, Fiona peacefully sleeps. I love that when she wakes up and realizes you're there it's like Christmas morning every time. Thank you for sharing our Fi-Fi and being so obsessed with her. We are to :)"
To learn more about Fiona and other adoptables, please visit Pit Stop Bully's Rescue.


  1. She is an absolute doll, I have always wanted to adopt a deaf dog. If only I lived in Florida.

  2. Wow, she seems fantastic, I can't believe she's had to wait for so long for a forever home. I'm kinda glad she's not in my area, she's the kind of pup that could make my commonsense short-circuit and give my landlord a heart attack by bringing home a second dog (we have an agreement that I can foster in addition to my big beastie as long as they're only little dogs and I don't keep any of them ;-)


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