Friday, July 8, 2011

Pittie of the Week: Stella/Sally


Stella (Sally at the shelter) is a baby, only six months old. She wondered away from home and was brought into Animal Care and Control last Saturday (July 2nd). She was rated Mild during her behavior test, but caught a cold and was set to be euthanized today. Click here to read more.

Luckily, someone matched her photo with that of a missing dog on Craigslist and called the family- only to find out they now didn't want her back.

Poor Stella must be so confused about her present circumstances- even though luckily she has no idea how close to death she really is. 
If she is not adopted, she will surely be on the euthanasia list again tomorrow and may end up like her almost-twins - Sally and Nina (pictured here) who were put to sleep for having colds in the last two weeks.

(Usually I post dogs that have already been rescued and are waiting for homes on Pittie of the week- but this little 4-6 month old sweet heart caught my attention. )

They look so much like Bruno- who I kiss goodnight each night- thankful that he is with me. It is so sad to me that they can't have all the life-long happiness he will enjoy. Sally is too young to die- please save her!
I promise, when you adopt a shelter pittie like Stella or Bruno-- you won't be disappointed!

Sally was rescued by ReeFuge Animal Rescue! Here she is leaving the shelter and is at a foster home on the upper east side! If you are interested in adopting her, please contact ReeFuge on facebook (link above.)

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