Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pho-DOG-raphy for a cause

Melissa McDaniel, a Philadelphia-based photographer and creater of the Photo Book Projects, such as Deaf Dogs and Rescued in America, is producing a Pit Bull Photo Book with some of the proceeds going to help shelter animals. When i heard about this upcoming book, I was very excited because Melissa's Photography really shoes the inner light in each and every dog. Showing Pit Bulls this way could really encourage people to start thinking about them differently.

The star of the book is this handsom boy, Jonny Justice- a former Vick dog rescued through Bad Rap.

For these reasons, we wanted to get involved! Bruno and Winnie will both be featured in the book, as two out of 81 pit bull portraits! Here are some of the beautiful shots that were taken during our session.

 The book will be shipping in early November, and I can't wait to give them as Christmas Presents!

You can read more about the project on Melissa's blog, here. And you can pre-order the book here.

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  1. Beautiful photos! This will be a great book! Do Bruno and Winnie do frog pose? We would love their pics :) Thanks for following!


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