Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Winnie got Surgery

Finally, after waiting a few months, we made the difficult but necessary decision to do Winnie's ACL repair surgery.
Since she ruptured her cruciate ligament some months ago, we were trying to save up money for the expensive surgery as we watched her leg improve. She was walking without any limp at all, when all of a sudden (probably after joyfully romping up and down the 4 flights of stairs at Grandma's house)- she began hopping around- barely using it.

Since we have moved to central NJ- we were able to find a great vet at the recommendation of both our apartment's former tenants and the Pet Rescue of Mercer, where I currently volunteer--They both suggested Dr. Petraro at Twin Rivers Animal Hospital.

Everything went completely smoothly and the staff there kept me updated and took wonderful care of her.

Today she is even "toe-touching" -something the doctor wouldn't expect for two more weeks- which means she is somewhat comfortable with her new knee already. (Although full reovery will take 6-8 weeks).

Although she looks pretty gloomy with her cone on- she has pretty decent spirits. Now the only challenge is how to get her to take her pills-any suggestions?


  1. I feel for you, we had the same thing with out Buster - complicated by a torn meniscus and arthritis on top of the ACL. It was worth it in the end though, he's a different dog now his leg is sorted out.
    We use peanut butter to make tablets tasty!

  2. Glad to see she is doing better. These injuries are so awful, and so expensive.

  3. Pill Pockets - they come in different sizes for tablets and capsules.

  4. Sending wishes for a speedy recovery for Winnie! As for taking pills, peanut butter seems to do the trick here - most of the time!

    The Road Dogs

  5. Awww at least she's on the road to recovery! Skye always seems to be on meds for something, and I tend to switch between peanut butter, cream cheese, and a spoonful of wet food. She's picky, so doing the same thing every day doesn't work well. Good luck!

  6. liverwurst is a great medium - one of my pitties gobbles them down despite having bit the capsule open once...the other one also once bit into the capsule (buried in the liverwurst) so it broke open...and she doesn't trust the liverwurst anymore


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