Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bruno's destruction...

So we have been trying to limit the amount of time Bruno spends in the crate by trying him out in different rooms in our new apartment. Winnie of course can be left anywhere because she does no harm to any of our belongings or the carpet, but as you may remember- whenever he is unsupervised (AND ONLY when he is unsupervised) he will reak havok by eating everything in sight and going to the bathroom all over the house.

We tried successfully for a while keeping him in the kitchen. It was small enough that she didn't want to be confined there with whatever mess he could make, and easily cleanable if an accident occured. However, within a few weeks he figured out how to somehow leap over the gates without toppeling them over- I'm imagining some sort of dear like elegant bound...

Next we tried leaving him in the Office- a room with a door. Here's what happened the very first day:

Bruno's destruction....
Look at that guilty face!! He must be super anxious when we leave.
So for now he is in the crate all day- which I'm sure he doesn't enjoy but we are not sure what to try next.
Any ideas?


  1. Skye was a destroyer when I first brought her home. For her, it was out of boredom and didn't include any accidents. When she was a little more mature, I started also giving her limited freedom. I made sure to make several puzzle toys- usually a frozen stuffed Kong, a water bottle with her breakfast in it and small holes for it to fall out of, and a rawhide of some sort. As long as she was occupied for the first 30 minutes or so after I left, she didn't destroy things. If Bruno is actually anxious, your job will be much harder, but most young dogs simply get bored in a room alone.

  2. Well I don't have any ideas for you as I'm in the same boat only maybe a little worse! I've not yet found a crate that will hold my Missy. And the bad part of that is that by the time she escapes the crate she is so wound up the destruction is even worse. So I just picked a room and just clean up the mess each day. The room is bare to keep the mess to a min. and one good thing is she doesn't use the bathroom in the house so that is a stroke of luck. I wish you luck on the process. It really gets to you sometimes besides the fact of how bad you feel for the pup.

  3. The look on Bruno's face is priceless! We have been in your boat many many times. I agree try the frozen Kongs & rawhide; good luck :)

  4. Awww, Bruno! Looks so innocent! The only thing Izzy does is remove pillows from the couch. Easy clean up.


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