Friday, September 9, 2011

Free Pit Bull training!

Responsible NYC pit owners, listen up!

Tricks for Pits is a FREE dog training class exclusively for pit bulls being offered on Sundays (next class September 11th) in Fort Tryon Park in Washington Heights. The training is sponsered by the Bully Project.

The couple leading the project (Kelly and Lee Neal) have fostered more than 45 pit bulls and are sponsering the trainings to deal with the root of the shelter-crisis and prevent dogs from dying.

The training will focus on issues like dog-to-dog reactivity, dog aggression, and basic training. This fantastic approach will theoretically help people keep their pets who are too strong and out-of-control rather than giving them up to the shelter, as well as help improve the reputation of pits. Read more.
Source: Bully Project


  1. This is so awesome! Kudos to the trainers!

    The Road Dogs

  2. When will their be another training done?
    I need help with my female bully 11 months

  3. please I need help with my hundred twenty five pound bully blue pitbull with his training for special needs for myself. I am on disability and I'm psychologically disabled and I need help trying to find someone to help me train my completely misunderstood most loving family dog Neptune. Please contact me ASAP my name is Sabrina my number is 484-426-4353


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