Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pittie of the Week!

This pup is named Radar, and I love how much he reminds me of Bruno. He is shy of new people, but loves Dogs, just like Bruno. Last night, Bruno had such a hard time listening to all the noises and children outside - he got so anxious he would randomly start barking at things- including at one point, growling at our chandelier for 5 minutes!? Then I let him under the blanket on the couch and he snuggled in, and knowing he was safe in there, went straight to sleep. How can you resist that?? If you'd like your own Bruno- here's your chance!!

Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Breed: APBT Mix
Hi! I'm Radar and I'm a very loving, active pup who had a rough start in life.  I am the perfect size for NYC living, although I'd probably prefer a quieter place.  I am super shy but will quickly bond with my caretaker.  I love dogs and would do best with a another dog in my forever home.  My new parents need to be patient, understand my social limitations and be committed to taking me to training classes so he can build confidence and a relationship with my new family!
I am currently in foster care, so please contact the shelter to set up a meeting with me!

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