Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Starved, Neglected and Alone...

For some reason, the most abused animals in America are pit bulls.
If you are on the East Coast, and have room and time to nurse this guy back to health, please consider fostering/adopting. He will be pulled by Amsterdog if you step up!

Weight: only 31 pounds, I'm going to guess this guy will put on 15 more pounds if not 25 in the next few months. Bruno was only 45 pounds when we got him, he's now 60!

Behavior: Got stiff when approached while gulping food, assessor notes: needs reassessment at normal weight, but Roko got sick with Kennel Cough first. He doesn't seem to like other dogs at the moment, but loves people.

Has $100 in pledges already. Click here to leave a comment on his thread.

Another boy being destroyed today who I can't ignore is this sweetie- Skye. He is neutered but has a bad skin rash. Look at those sweet eyes!

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