Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eukanube Challenge Wrap Up: WIN A FREE BAG OF DOG FOOD!

So Winnie and Bruno finished the Salmon formula a long time ago and have been working on the Rottweiler formula for the past few weeks. Now that it is the only option, they eat it readily and seem to enjoy the taste and even whine for more when they are done.

The 28-day challenge was a great experience for Bruno and Winnie. We saw their coats improve remarkably and they definitely have improved energy. Going forward we will mix it in with their regular brand so that they get some of the benefits of its vitamins and minerals while we don't break the bank.

If you can afford the All-natural Salmon formula, in particular, I'd recommend it. I think pit bulls in particular can have trouble with rough short and sometimes patchy coats (especially our sweet rescues!), and I was happy to see Bruno's coat smooth a bit with the fish oils. We also loved seeing how much they enjoyed the fish-flavor. We never would have known that since we figured chicken or beef was just fine!

If you want to give it a try, I'll be giving away a FREE bag of food to one of my readers (up to 40lb bag)... Just add a comment to my blog about why you'd like to try Eukanuba too and I'll be choosing a winner soon!! The voucher will be redeemable wherever Eukanuba is sold.


  1. I'd love that! I used to feed it to Parker, but they don't sell it anymore where we shop. However, it would definitely be worth the drive if the food was free! Though we have been feeding raw, so if Parker didn't want to switch we'd just bring the food to the shelter near us. I'm sure those pups would enjoy the flavor!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for reading- If you send me your email address ( I can send you the voucher, I'm sure Parker or the shelter pups will love it!!


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