Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sleeping with Pitties

Photographer Ezra Caldwell
This is how the four of us sleep... we really need a King size bed!! We've tried kicking them out before- Winnie is fine with it (in the summer time), but Bruno whines and whines until he gets his way. The funny thing is- before we adopted Bruno, Winnie would only ever bother us to sleep on top of the covers at the foot of the bed. Then she learned from Bruno that being under the covers is WAY cozier. Now she noses and paws at the covers just like him. We notice that in the winter she is all about heat conservation, snuggling to the bottom and pushing herself into the warmest spots, but in the summer she'll be content to sleep on the cool leather couch in the living room. Bruno on the other hand, tends to over-heat, and will get up and bug us to come back in a million times a night.

Do you let your pitties sleep with you? I think it is rather hard not too- they're so cuddly and snuggly... and persistent!


  1. I love those photos! I'm familiar with quite a few of those positions - Billy definitely gets to sleep in the bed with me and he's recently discovered how cozy it is to get under the blankets. I actually prefer that since, if he's on top of the covers when it's cold, he presses himself up against me as tightly as possible and halfway through the night I find myself on the very edge of the bed with 70lbs of dog pinning most of the blanket down.

  2. AWESOME pictures! I noticed each foster had their own preference for position, but Skye is 100% under the covers, squished against my side or legs. My only problem is she dreams a lot, and will kick me when I'm trying to sleep. Of course, in my old house she is the best heater I've found, so I tolerate it.

  3. Those are WONDERFUL photos!

    So happy that you let your furbabies sleep with you! Mine enjoy it so much. I'm sure most dogs do ;-)



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