Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pitties of the Week: 6 Baby Brindles

Everyone wants a puppy, right? Then these guys shouldn't have a hard time finding a home- that is unless their stripes, big heads, and short muzzles scare potential adopters away.

While volunteering, I have definitely come across families ready to adopt a pitty pup like these, only to ask what breed he is and walk away at once!

The other possible problem with puppy adoptions (and this is true of all breeds) is that puppies grow into dogs; and pitty puppies grow into pit bulls. What might be cute now, may look fearsome in 10 months.

Well meaning adopters also may not have pit bull experience. As a pit-mom, I know owning two pit bulls has its challenges - and new adopters of pit puppies may not know what they are in for.

If you DO have pittie experience, consider a puppy to add to your home! A big pittie brother or sister would really enjoy one of these cuties running around!

Click here to learn more about these pups and to contact Animal Haven in Soho, NYC. 


  1. They are so precious, and you're right that they should have no trouble finding homes. You're also right that that is a mixed blessing, since everyone who falls in love with their puppy cuteness will not be an owner who commits to them through adolescence and adulthood! Wish there were more humans out there worthy of the incredible creatures dogs are :)

  2. Wow! What's cuter than that bunch!? Surely they'll find homes super fast!


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