Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First item sold on Etsy!

I am officially in business- and with a little help from friends and family, we feel we might be ready to schedule Winnie's surgery for next week. (We are hoping that the vet's office is going to try to set up Care Credit- which will allow us to pay it off over time.)

My first order from my Etsy shop is shipping out today!!
Now that I have sold something- I can start thinking about other items people might like: dog toys and dog beds were suggested- any other ideas? Anything you'd love to have for your dog (or other pet) that I could include in my shop?


  1. I think the floor pillow covers would be good. I wonder if you could so something with special occasion bandanas? I know for the Pride Parade out here in Chicago they sell like crazy. And maybe anticipating other events or messages on the bandanas.
    I don't know if this is excessive...but what about a laundry bag devoted to your dog? I've seen Etsy shops that have travel laundry bags, and when I used to go to do laundry I would meet people who had separate laundry bags for themselves and their dogs (as did I)! Maybe one out of cute fabric would work.
    I'm going to post your shop on our Facebook page...

  2. Just heard about you through Two Pitties in the City! I'm going to check out your Etsy shop now :o) My mom loves buying me special things!!!

  3. I think that the bandanas are a great idea - I was going to suggest things the pups can wear around the city in the summer at parades and walks. You can offer to decorate food containers (like the big kinds) or toy chests for the pups.

    we posted your shop on our blog today, REALLY hope it helps.


  4. Congratulations!! that first sale really feels good, no?


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