Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funky Mixes in the USA

Hello bloggies--Strut your Mutts!

I was inspired by some of the beautiful mixed breed dogs in my neighborhood to highlight the mixed-breed dogs in shelters-
Mixed breeds have a lot going for them:
1) They are unique
2) They are less prone to genetic diseases
3) You will get lots of questions about them, which helps you make more friends
4) They are often really beautiful combinations of other breeds
5) You won't have to own a "pure-bred"- sorry if you have one (my parents have a "pure-bred" Wheaton terrier) but people who use the word pure-bred as if it matters or somehow makes their dog better than mine  really bother me.
6) You get to do their DNA tests, which is fun

So I decided to highlight some funky and beautiful mixed dogs available for adoption!

Max- A Rhodesian/Lab Mix in New York

Honey - A Blood hound and lab mix in Liberty Center, OH

Scrappy - a Wheaton Terrier and Border Terrier in Chicago

Strauss- an Afghan Hound/ Smooth Collie mix in Atlanta

Basil - a Basset Hound Pit Mix in Chicago

Miniature Pit-bull anyone?
Beacon - a smooth coated Chihuahua and Pit Bull Terrier in Los Angeles


  1. Those Basset-mixes are hilarious! Miss M is some kind of mixie, and I like the idea of knowing there really aren't other dogs out there just like her. Plus, it's always a good conversation topic. And you're right...a chance to take a DNA test.

  2. I've always been a sucker for chow / lab mutts - I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I rescued one when I lived in Miami. We were going to exceed our dog limit, if we added her, so we found her a home. I still wonder how that beautiful golden girl with the dark snout is doing. She would be a bit older than Arwen now...

  3. Haha, the Basset mixes are my favorite too- there is one in my neighborhood that is part basset part german shepherd so he just looks like a german shepherd with short stubby legs :).
    PS- all of these dogs are available for adoption!!!

  4. it was taken out back and shot, and this was a completely acceptable thing to do. Pit bulls


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