Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winnie- First Fundraising Update

Winnie is feeling a little better since the vet started her on rimadyl (for swelling and pain) but still has trouble walking and standing up after any sort of physical activity...and OUR spirits are certainly up since we have recived so many well-wishes for Winnie from friends and help from the internet rescue community.

Our neighbor (who has a rescued pit himself) has given us all of the info he possibly can about reputable surgeons in the area as well as what vitamin supplements to give her.

Our family friend in DC has reached out to rescue groups there for donations and support.

And we have recieved an extremeley generous donation from the CEO of Pet-It-Forward, a great new networking site that helps keep the costs of owning pets down--which I'll tell you all about in another entry.

In addition, the folks at Second Chance have offered to sponsor Winnie in an online fundraiser, so we are crossing our fingers that this will be successful.

Thanks so much for all the support and we'll continue to keep you updated on her progress as she goes through sugery and recovery.


  1. I just found your blog and I'm sorry to read about Winnie needing ACL surgery. One of my dogs needed two surgeries to repair her ACLs (one on each leg). I'm not sure where you're located, but you might want to look into seeing if there is a vet school near you that will perform the surgery. The cost of doing the surgery through the school was significantly less than through a regular vet. A "real" vet still does the surgery (or at least closely oversees it), but students look on and learn. We went to a vet school for both of our dog's surgeries and she's doing great now (5+ years later). I'm in VA, but if you'd like to know where we went just shoot me an email :)

    FWIW - after the surgeries our dog has done fantastic! People can't believe that she has "bionic legs" now because you really can't tell she ever had any trouble. I'm sure Winnie will also have a great result :)

  2. And I just scrolled down and saw that you're in Manhattan so maybe I'm no real help :) Regardless, I wish you and Winnie the best of luck!

  3. This is great news!! I'm so glad to hear things looking brighter...

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