Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally an Investigation...

Finally, an investigation into what we already knew-- That Animal Care & Control of NYC puts down healthy and behaviorally well dogs due to space limitations. I couldn't believe the story of the pregnant cat in this video. Our Bruno could have easily been featured on this clip as a dog with no time to get over his waning cough in a clean environment. What is needed? More staff, more branches in the other boroughs, and more rescues to help with placement. Not enough people are willing to adopt straight from the shelter, the reporter says, and most animals get out via rescue groups. Any ideas on how we can help increase the people going to the shelter for pets?

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  1. I'll be perfectly honest - when I was looking for a second dog, I steered clear of the ACC and looked only at dogs in rescue organizations.

    There were several reasons for my decision.

    1) I needed a dog who's behavior was known and I have very little trust in the ACC's vetting/assessment process.

    2) I have little trust in the knowledge of the staff

    3) I doubted that I would get very much help from the staff.

    4) I didn't want to bring my dog into that environment and I know that they would not have been able to bring dogs out for me.

    5) I *hate* the long lines and extremely crowded waiting area.

    I ended up at Sean Casey Animal Rescue and found Emma, who was pulled from the Staten Island ACC. Admittedly, they didn't have the greatest behavioral assessment, as Emma turned out to have reactivity to aggression in people, which is a huge red flag that should have been caught, but I was very happy with my experience otherwise.

    I did go to the Manhattan ACC to adopt my bunny though, and was met with an enormous wait time (something ridiculous like 4 hours for something that took 5 minutes). Though the staff, though overworked, was incredibly helpful and wonderful (but they were rabbit-specific).

    Don't know how helpful this might be, but it's my experience.


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