Thursday, December 9, 2010

News: Pit saves a Spaniel!

An Uplifiting Story of another Heroic Pit-mix!

On Monday in Oregon, a Pit-mix up for adoption pulled the volunteer walking her to a ditch where the volunteer discovered an elderly frozen cocker spaniel on the verge of death. The elderly spaniel had been adopted from that shelter a month before and being blind with no sense of smell, he seemed to have followed the sound of barking dogs.

Out of 5 dogs that were walked past the ditch that morning, onlt the pit-mix named Nala found the spaniel. The shelter says they hope this will help Nala find a home since she has been at the shelter for five months already.

Another set of adopted Pit-Mixes

From Buffalo comes the story of a family that adopted two pit-mixes who have turned out to be best friends. Their first had been starved when they got her and now has filled out and has a whole family and a big brother. The two are attached at the hip and "They like to dressed up and be under blankets and get all snuggly." And, she says, "Everywhere we take them, people say, 'Oh they are so cute!'"

Bruno, also, loves to be snuggled under covers, which we find completely adorable, we can never turn him away from a warm snuggle on the couch.


  1. Yay! Happy stories! We luv it!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. We're very much glad that things are going good with Bruno!

  2. Yay for happy stories involving pit bulls. There can never be too many. I am going to pass this around.


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