Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am insisting on getting a good Holiday Portrait of Winnie & Bruno if it kills me!!
But these 2 just cannot cooperate...In fact, the longer we tried, the worse the pictures got....
 ok, one out of two, keep trying
Decent, I thought, but not nearly adorable enough...

Where did Winnie go??
I got in on the action, and Winnie laid down and refused to move in protest....
So I picked her up....

And she began kick-boxing Bruno because he was getting treats...

Getting there....

OH no.. they are jumping away from me...

and FAIL.

We will try this again another day.
Anyone have any ideas??


  1. We try to tag team them: one is ready with a camera and the other is standing right alongside with a handful of something smelly and delicious. We pretend we're just going through tricks - they hardly even notice the flash anymore.

  2. Hi! What you're doing here with this blog and actions are wonderful! I work at the Humane Society of New York and just today we received another pitbull that was abandoned and found in a school yard this morning. She is the sweetest creature and we named her Venus after the gd of love. We also have Sasha the Staffie whos the most precious thing. Please stop by HSNY if you ever need anything and if you want to post our pitbulls, we would be happy to share additional photos and info. Email me at (feel free to take this comment down, but I wanted to leave my email and didnt see one for you)

  3. Sure! I am always happy to post dogs who need homes. I'd love to see Venus and Sasha. Best of Luck!, Jess

  4. Thanks for stopping in and following my blog. I love your blog and what your doing for our sweet Pit friends. I will be checking in with you often. :)

  5. Aw but they're so cute! See, if they made a perfect picture the first time we wouldn't have had all those wonderful candid shots!! I'd say just work on your sit-stays and you should be fine. Charlie's a natural poser and should probably do commercials. Emma's not quite there yet, as her tail is usually a windmill and messes up her hind end in pictures!

  6. Good luck!! BOL We have a hell of a time getting the dogs to sit still when the camera is out. And if I get the camcorder out forget it, they run when they see it. It's all luck around here. Sorry, that's all the help I've got!!


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