Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Pittie News

This post is not as cheery as the last Pittie-News post:

Horrific mutilation of pregnant Pit bull

A woman in Oklahoma was arrested yesterday for Animal curelty and mutilation after she cut open a pregnant female pit bull during delivery of her puppies. The woman said she was trying to save the puppies lives when one of the puppies got stuck. The woman, who cut the uteris open and left it hanging out of the dog, thought she was cutting the delivery sack. The mother and all her pups were euthanized at the vet as a result.

Pit bulls stolen across the country- presumably to be sold for dog-fighting:

Friendly family pets are often stolen to be used in dog-fighting, which makes the loss of the dog almost impossible to bear for the owners who, as you can imagine, can never get over the pain of imagining their dog being used for bait or tortured to fight. A woman in Cumberland County, NC, continues to search for her stolen pet in bad neighborhoods even though it frightens her. "Cumberland County Animal Control investigators say that in many cases, dogs are stolen to be bred or used as bait for dogfighting. Dogfighting is a problem in the county, but it is often hard to make an arrest because under state law, dogfighters must be caught in the act, investigators said."

Other stories of Pit bull thefts:

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