Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bruno's Story

This morning, while searching for my tax documents, I came across Bruno's old release documents from the shelter. On the first page, it gave the location of where he was found. I found the location of googleMaps.

This is where Bruno was found, no collar, not tied up, just laying injured on the sidewalk.
The Medical reports on the following pages described him as "dull, depressed, lethargic, recumbent, falling down." It says he had been hit by a car and sudden breathing was seen. It said that he "made an effort to hold his body up, but for a brief moment, then collapses." Within a day, his appetite picked up and within 2 days he had contracted Kennel Cough and was going to be put to sleep.

Interestingly, it says that on his third day he had a "fantastic appetite" and actually tried to bite the vet and "dog tried to nip at me when I initially tried to pet in cage. Dog tried to bite two other times during exam and growled when tried to get back in cage."

I was shocked by this because Bruno never growls or shows any attempt to nip or bite except when Winnie tries to eat his food (which is rare, usually he is stealing her food.) In fact, he willingly puts himself in his crate when he has misbehaved. The only thing I can assume is that he was so traumatized by this point that he didn't trust anyone or anything and was in serious pain.

It really surprised me that they rated him a "No Concern" because usually they use any excuse to put a dog down, especially if they try to bite the vet or handlers - but I guess they already had enough reason to put him down with his injury and cough.

I am just so glad that he is the dog that we got and that we saved him and gave him a better life. I wish I knew exactly what his life had been like - maybe he was happy? I noticed a small scar on his tummy the other day which means he had some sort of surgery (it looked like Winnie's spay scar) which means that someone cared enough about him to give him medical care, and his owner did apparently call in to claim him- but never showed up. I know that he is afraid of being punished and hides in the closet or the crate when he has an accident, but I can't really tell how he was treated in his last home-- maybe he snuggled in bed with his old family. Maybe he was beaten every time he peed in the house.. I wish I knew. All we can do is put together the little pieces of information we have.

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  1. I'm so very happy that Bruno has a safe and loving home now!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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