Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cuddles in the Sun

As you may know from reading my blog- I am infinitely jealous of people whose pitties cuddle up in adorable balls together because Winnie and Bruno would rather curl up in to adorable balls NEXT to each other. But this Sunday, as the sun shone through our apartment window into a nice warm patch on the carpet, the pups decided to give each other a chance as they squished themselves into the tiny patch of sunlight...

hmm.. Bruno's butt is actually a decent pillow..

 Mom, are you going to let me sleep?


  1. Okay, I know that must've been traumatic for everyone at the time but...well...it IS pretty funny. :)

    My husband and I once took Ranger (our rat terrier) and Mayzie to PetSmart. We were hanging out in the toy aisle and I noticed this woman at the end of the aisle with a basket over her arm with a bunch of dog things in it. I didn't really think much about it. Just made sure the dogs were near us so that she could pass if she wanted to. She continued to hang out at the end of the aisle, staring at us.

    When we finally finished looking at the toys, we began to walk in her direction to leave (because that was the direction we were going in the first place). She suddenly gasped, stepped back dramatically, put her hand up in front of her in a "stop" gesture and squeaked out breathlessly, "Safe dog? Safe dog?" I was kind of confused, "Excuse me?" Her eyes wide, she repeated louder (while looking at Mayzie), "Safe dog? SAFE DOG?!" "Yes," I said, "They're BOTH very friendly." Again, we started to make our way out of the aisle and instead of backing into the large open area behind us, she practically climbed into the shelves as we passed.

    It was truly bizarre. I mean, I get if you're concerned about my dog but why stand there the whole time instead of going to a different part of the store and then coming back when we were gone? Why make a HUGE spectacle of yourself?

    It bothered me a bit at first but then I blogged about it and felt better. Ha! I figure it's her problem, not mine. And if she's that frightened of dogs that look like Mayzie, she probably needs to get counseling to figure out how to deal with it in a more appropriate way.

    Anyway, sorry about your encounter but the main thing is that you learned something from it AND you now have a good crazy-person story to tell!


  2. So cute! Bruno's butt kind of reminds me of Toni's - a big brindle pillow.


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