Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day in the slammer!

Happy Happy Valentine's Day All!

I am so glad that my pups have each other as Valentines, even though they don't always love each other.
Every time we see Winnie allowing Bruno's heavy head to rest on her or vice-versa, we get all excited!!

Unfortunately, Bruno is spending the majority of his Valentine's Day in the crate :(

(Look at those guilty eyes :))

We hate leaving him in there but since we left the baby gate at my parents' house last weekend, we have had some issues with Bruno. Usually Bruno spends the day in the Kitchen with the gate up so he can't get into trouble in the living room, and Winnie sleeps the day away in the bedroom. We trust her not to get into any trouble since she doesn't destroy anything like she used to. (A baseball cap, a belt, a tie, a pillow... but all that was when she was a puppy.)

But on Friday night, when I was given a nice big box of Godiva chocolates for Valentine's day, Bruno got out of the kitchen by pushing at the crate we left in front of the kitchen door. He ate the WHOLE box of chocolates while we were out! We got home and were terrified as we did the math and called poison control. Luckily, Bruno didn't show any signs of being sick - not even the next day!

On Saturday, we decided to change the angle of the crate so that he would literally have to PULL it with his teeth to get out. We also removed all items we didn't want destroyed from the living room (Bruno has a habit of also eating inedibles: earmuffs - total count to date- two pairs destroyed). However, when we got home a few hours later- he was out again! And this time, he had gotten into some maple syrup that was out from breakfast that we had overlooked! It was all over the carpet, and Bruno had eaten probably half of the bottle! We were nervous because the vet had told us that high fructose corn syrup is very dangerous for dogs and can dehydrate them, but once again- he never got sick or anything!

Finally, we realized without the baby gate, he is an escape artist, and until we have time to replace it, we have to keep him in the crate. Poor baby. I am surprised now that something as simple as a half-height gate will keep him in the kitchen!!!

Anyone else have their own special escape artists at home?

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