Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home sick with the Pupps

The past two days I have been home sick in bed. Nothing could be more comforting than two cuddly pit bulls to help me feel better . Yesterday all morning Bruno slept under my covers and kept me warm. They even seemed to sense that I didn't have the energy to break up raucous puppy play make them play nicely- and for the first time in months, they laid back-to-back and seemed to like it!

(I have been writing on other Blogs asking how on earth their pitties are so friendly and cuddly with each other. I am hoping that it just takes time and familiarity. Right now the pups are like pre-teens who quarrel over everything-- attention from us, food, toys, etc. Winnie even growls at Bruno when he lays his heavy head on her bum. She won't do anything about it, but just sit there and growl for about 2 minutes until she decides to give up.)

Today, since I am feeling a little better, its nice to have them up and about... except when Bruno sits right on our ottoman directly in front of the TV!

"What? Am I in your way?"

My legs are Bruno's jungle-gym :)

"Nom nom nom..."

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