Friday, February 18, 2011

Sponsor Your Best Friend

If you are maxed out on space and time (like us) and can't possibly own or foster another dog, but desperately want to help more animals in need, you can sponsor an animal!

Best Friends Animal Society Sanctuary in Utah has over 1,700 animals on any given day and 244 animals that need sponsorship, each with a unique story and personality, needing constant care, attention, food, shelter, medical care, and love.

Of these 244 animals, 110 are dogs and 22 are dogs from the Vick estate in Virginia. Other dogs are survivors of Hurricane Katrina, animal abuse cases and abandonment. They are all so equally deserving of the resources that Best Friends can give them, but of all the dogs, the dog I'd most like to take home and spend time with was Squeaker.

Here is Squeaker's story & description:

"Squeaker is such a sweet, shy girl who lacks a little confidence. She gets really shy around new people and is very submissive when being handled. The caregivers are working with her to help build confidence and start prepping her for Canine Good Citizen classes.
She spends a lot of time over at Dogtown in the laundry room where it is quiet and she can rest, although, she does like to watch all the people zoom down the hallways. Sometimes when she is really happy she will get the zoomies and loves to run around around and gets so excited! She is also a big cuddle-bug. She likes to come and lay her head on her favorite caregiver's shoulder. She is such a cute girl!
Squeaker is one of the dogs rescued from the property of former NFL quarterback, Michael Vick. She is so happy to be safe and loved now. She has a million dollar smile and she is looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.
Won't you be apart of Squeaker's journey to confidence and success? Be her sponsor today!"

I am now sponsoring Squeaker with a small donation every month and look forward to hearing about her progress.

If you would like to sponsor an animal, click here.

Best Friends is an model for every shelter in the country and a wonderful place to visit- I am eager to plan a visit, myself, and maybe even get to meet Squeaker. While there, visitors can volunteer and even take some animals for sleep-over visits.

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