Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the road to my Shelter

Since Winnie and Bruno came into our lives I realized my calling in life was to help dogs- to be around them every day. Our two dogs make my life so full of happiness, especially at night when I lift up the covers and Bruno climbs in face-first and falls alseep cuddled up against my legs under the blankets. (As you may have read, we have tried to kick him out of the bed and the bedroom before but he gets so anxious being alone that he actually pees himself!)

I want to be the person that makes those valuable connections between dog and human. The relationships that bring life to dogs that could have been put down and bring companionship and meaning to the people that save them.

Last weekend, while volunteering at Animal Haven, I finally got the opportunity to interact with potential adopters, which I found to be a much more exciting experience than walking the dogs and cleaning their carralls. First, I brought out Violet to a couple that was pretty sure they were going to adopt her- they had seen her the day before and didn't have eyes for anyone else.
I have so much knowledge about dogs, especially pit mixes, and I knew Violets' history (she came from ACC) so it was really fun to be able to help this couple learn about adopting their very first dog.

The next couple that came in couldn't have been more different, they looked at 7 dogs! From puppies to adults, from Italian Greyhound to giant Mastiff! I enjoyed helping them but I felt a little frustrated that they might not be ready to adopt or know what they wanted. The wife clearly loved Issie, the mom whose puppies have almost all been adopted, and who is a staff favorite at AH.


I can't wait to open my own shelter and be able to educate people about mixed-breeds and shelter animals and to be able to be that important bridge that connects man and best friend :)

I'm going to be doing some research soon about how to start a shelter, and even though I know it will take me some time to be in the place in my life to start one, it doesn't hurt to do the research now.
Here are some of the helpful guides I have found so far:

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