Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"That's a Mean Mean Doggie!"

It appears that human beings are conditioned from an early age to be afraid of dogs that look like this:

No matter how sweet or gentle they might be.

This morning, as my boyfriend and I were walking Winnie and Bruno, the elevator we were in stopped on the way down, and a mother and her 2 year old little girl were about to get in.

The mother hesitated, and politely said she would wait - I wasn't offended because I wouldn't put my child in an elevator with two unknown big dogs either- but what surprised me was what the little girl said: "That's a mean mean doggie!" Even more surprising to me was that the Mother didn't appologize.

I guess children are taught from an early age from their parents and society what dogs to stay away from-- even though that girl would have only been attacked by slobbers all over her face if she had come into the elevator.


  1. When things like this happen, I go back & forth from being angry to my feelings being hurt. I always try to tell myself that the people are probably just not dog people & do not realize how rude & hurtful they are being.

  2. I have never met a Pittie in pawson, but I hear they are very loving doggies. I see the same thing in my neighborhood with a lot of the high-energy big dogs, people teach their kids that high-energy equals mean and aggressive. It's a stereotype and it needs to be done away with!

    I must say that even though I am a small terrier (approx. 20 lbs), my high-energy (and my pearly white teeth against my dark fur) make parents pull their kids away from me!!! I would just jump up and lick their knees...for dog's sakes.

    Just keep up the good work you're doing educating people about another wonderful breed!!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  3. When things like that used to happen to us, I would get really upset as well. Now, I'm prepared for that sort of thing with some sort of response (I think them up when I'm replaying the rude things people have said because I find it's not longer before someone else says something similar). Since this was a little girl I probably would have said, "No way! This is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet." It's not clever, but at least it gives me a chance to say SOMEthing. If an adult says something like that, I usually make a comment about stereotyping and thinking for themselves rather than believing everything they read in the papers. Sometimes if they're really rude, I go further but I'll leave those comments to your imagination.


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