Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Throwaway Mommy Alert

This week I've come to see the plight of Pit-bull throw-away moms and their puppies.
If the puppies are lucky enough to have a safe, warm, comfortable home to be born in and access to a vet, then they may do just fine and get adopted, but many unwanted pregnant Pitbull mothers can't provide that for their babies, and even fewer people want to adopt or foster a Pregnant pit bull.

These two dogs, Lady and Cookie, were rescued from the Euthanasia list at Animal Care & Control (NYC) today. BOTH dogs were going to be put to sleep, one for having an upper-respiratory infection (easily treatable, but not with Doxy- it harms the fetuses), and one for temple--for growling when pinched during her evaluation-(I would growl too if someone pinched me when I was pregnant!) Can you imagine killing a pregnant dog? Lady is almost ready to give birth to eight puppies!

Today, Lady was rescued by Waggin Train Rescue

and Cookie was saved by Forgotten Friends of Long Island

Both of these dogs are safe for now, but their babies are going to fare much better than they will at finding new homes once they have delivered.

What is worse- after the babies are born and the profit is made for backyard breeders, pit bull moms are often thrown away-tossed out on the streets and often put to sleep at the shelter. If lucky enough to be at a no-kill shelter, these moms rarely get adopted as quickly as their puppies, and often stay far too long. Cha-Cha at Animal Haven is a good example, but due to the diligence of the staff and volunteers to keep her from deteriorating in the shelter, she has a good chance of making it to a home before she gets "kennel burn out."(She has been there 9 months, but went through obedience training and is a staff favorite!)

This dog, Bella, was not so lucky. She was found in a snow storm tied to a dumpster with her puppies who were covered in snow. Since her puppies have been adopted from the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, Bella has begun spinning in circles and growing grumpy with humans. She needs to be fostered (or adopted) in a home environment with humans before it is too late. If you can help Bella, please call (973) 386-0590.

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  1. Emma was a throwaway mom. When she first came into the shelter she was still lactating. Her teats are still distended and her vulva's expanded too. She was probably bred repeatedly and for whatever reason her owners felt that she wasn't good enough to keep around so they threw her on the streets.

    I hope those moms get the homes they deserve.


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