Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to Nature

Saturday was my Mom's birthday, so we took the pups home to New Jersey for a day. Not only do they love going to their "Grandparent's" house in the "country" (aka suburbs) because of the smells, wild-life, and room to run, but they love the extra love and food they get from Grandma and Grandpa (which they have cut down on significantly since they came home repeatedly with tummy-aches.)

My Dad suggested we take them to the town lake, which is drained in the winter- a perfect place for them to run and explore:

Hijinks ensued:

We found out that Bruno looves digging in the sand:
And dragging his stick around in it:
And fishing his stick out of this tiny stream:
And tearing roots out of the ground:


  1. So funny! We also consider visiting E's fam in the the suburbs going to "the country". They must have had so much fun!


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