Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on Cookie & Lady and and theirPups

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you all about Lady, the pregnant Pittie that Animal Care and Control slated to be put to sleep? It turns out she would have been put down just nine days before her puppies were born.

Now she has a great foster home, has a new name (Maggie), and has delivered her pups. She was saved by Waggin Train Rescue and gave birth to 9 puppies. (That's a total of 10 lives saved!) If you are interested in adopting when the puppies and Mom are ready, fill out an application here.

Here is a video of Lady being a super "mouths-on" mommy :)

Guess what!? In that same entry- I told you about Cookie, another pregnant mom to be put to sleep.
Well Cookie was also rescued (By Forgotten Friends of Long Island) and gave birth to her puppies as well. :)


  1. This video is killing me, Im sitting here crying, how she just reaches out for her babies, grabs them by their whole heads without putting pressure to break them, truly amazing, humans have sooo much to learn from them. Women have babies and then suffocate them or leave them in a bathroom stall and walk out and go back to a prom and dance :( Im in awe of this video and must of watched it about 5x already...AMAZING, simply a miracle of life.

  2. UGH. It makes me imagine what Emma looked like.

    When I played the video, Emma got really nervous and started pawing the screen. She was so agitated I had to turn it off =-/.

  3. Wow! It is amazing that Emma reacted like that- do you know what happened to her puppies?

  4. Thank you for the updates :) I am glad these sweeties were given a chance.


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