Monday, March 28, 2011

Our pups finally fell in love

When Bruno first came home, he licked Winnie's ears for about 15 minutes straight. When he was done, her whole head was drenched in puppy-spit. We felt like this was a good omen that they were going to get along- but alas- within a few weeks, their true relationship began to show- it seemed they would play, wrestle and chase each other, but never really be best friends. Winnie usually growls whenever Bruno tries to cuddle with her and gets up and goes to another room whenver Bruno tries to lay next to her... and generally makes moody faces like this:

"Go away, Bruno"

You may remember, I was super excited when Winnie finally laid her head on Bruno.

"I guess you're more comfortable than floor..."

Well, I'm starting to notice signs that Winnie may not just be putting up with Bruno, but may actually be starting to appreciate and love him.

They've been palling around more and sharing their tent:

They've been sleeping next to each other on the couch:

Winnie has been putting up with him climbing, stepping, and sitting all over her (he does to us too-- somehow he always puts himself right in front of the TV) Bruno has no concept of his own body...
"What... am I in your way??"

"ugh... he's sitting on me AGAIN..."

But the best moment for me as a dog-mommy was when Bruno was having a nightmare (he twitches and howls) and Winnie comforted him by laying her head over him:

"it's OK brother..."

He stopped twitching and howling right away :)


  1. Awe, this is so sweet:-) Thanks for sharing with us-so happy they're moving closer to being best buddies!

  2. That is wonderful!!! Bella's momma is gonna have more puppies and I would love to get another one but we just don't have the space or the funds to take on another puppy right now =( Winnie and Bruno are simply adoraBULL!

  3. I am so glad that they are growing closer. My fosters could not love each other more, but my girls would not cuddle with each other if they were the last dogs on earth; they are just not the cuddling type :(


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