Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First of 14 Pits Rescued from Bronx Fire Available for Foster

Yesterday, 14 pit bulls (including 1 puppy and 4 newborns) were rescued from a fire in a rented apartment in the Bronx. The dogs were injured by the fire and needed to be treated for smoke inhalation. The owner was said to be breeding them, not fighting them, but clearly this is a case of a recklessly irresponsible "back-yard" breeder- the dogs were emaciated.

They are now at Animal Care and Control, no doubt where they or their puppies could have eventually ended up after being sold and discarded like many other dogs in the city.

Reporters seemed shocked that the fire-fighters were not attacked.
The Times wrote, "Perhaps affected by the smoke, the dogs seemed limp and sleepy, and certainly not combative." (Because of course they would have been combative other-wise.)

The first of the 14 dogs is now available for foster:
To help, please donate to the rescue Amsterdog or fill out an application at

Update: More of the Fire dogs available for rescue/foster/adoption:



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