Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A darling dog survives being hit by a car, abandoned, and almost put to sleep!

I've been following "Urgent Part 2"'s posts on dogs to be put to sleep for about a week now.  I've been pretty concerned about the dogs I've seen and tried my best to spread the word for them, but I never thought of fostering them myself- my boyfriend and I are so busy lately and our priority is taking the best care we can of our dog, Winnie.

But then I saw Bruno on the euth list. I didn't expect this 2 year old Brindle boy to capture my heart the way it did, but I read his description and instantly knew I HAD to rescue him. My whole body reacted and I went into rescue mode! I freaked out and tried to contact my boyfriend for the 'ok' to foster (I knew he wouldn't appreciate me showing up with another dog...). I was about to go down to ACC Manhattan when I finally got through on their phone line. They were surprisingly helpful! I found out that Bruno's owner (who had called for him) had until 8 pm to claim him or else he would be at risk to be put to sleep tomorrow. I was told to wait until noon the following day and ran home to explain my scheme to my boyfriend.

Then I got to experience the wonderful people on this facebook group-they instantly supported me in every way possible-- offering leashes, food, supplies, shelter groups to pull the dog asap (tonight), and even help finding Bruno a home after us. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of help and support! Everyone got together and mobilized to help this dog. Together a network of people can do so much more to save these lives than any one person could ever do. And because of that, hopefully tomorrow morning I'll be able to get this boy out of the slammer!

Now for what is so special about this boy.

Bruno was found tied up and abandoned. Not just abandoned, but he couldn't walk because he had been recently HIT BY A CAR. What kind of person leaves their dog stranded in that much pain? I was shocked. And not only 4 days after he was brought in, he was re-evaluated and miraculously improved and was not falling down but could actually walk again! Of course, this dog who was never given an official behavioral evaluation, was rated "question" at first because he was in so much pain he went to bite the vet (I am not surprised, I probably would too...) Later, when he was all better, the vet gave him a "no concern"--even better than "mild." So why is he being put to sleep when his owner and potential adopters have far less than a week to find him? All his second medical evaluation said he had was "a bruise." I don't think dogs can legally be put down by ACC for a bruise.

This poor boy has been through so much and I the pleasure of rescuing him and helping him recuperate in a loving place. This is the volunteer memo that made Bruno impossible for me to refuse:

11/10/2010 WEB MEMO
A Volunteer Wrote: There is nothing, not one thing, that isn't completely, crazily lovable about this extraordinary dog. He has hearts drawn on his kennel card, for goodness sake!!!! Everyone, men and women alike, swoon over this 2 year old. "What a beautiful dog!" said one vet tech walking by, who then of course had to stop and pet him. Because he is THAT impossible to resist. Our beloved Bruno, who adores other dogs and is the diplmat of his ward, eliciting kisses from all the other dogs through the bars, was found tied up on the street. Now, he is quickly running out of time at the shelter, which makes us absolutely crazy with sadness. Bruno, who is leashtrained, appears housetrained, loves to snuggle and curl up and give kisses and just hang out with human and canine companions, could be a diplomat in the world, not just his ward. PLEASE, don't let this extraordinary dog down. He is one of those pups who will change the lives of everyone around him with his love, generosity, and noble spirit.

Isnt he gorgeous?? I am so excited to bring him home tomorrow morning to meet his foster sister Winnie :)


  1. So glad he will have a safe place full of love to go home to. Thanks for taking him in. He is a very handsome boy.

  2. Thanks! I will keep everyone updated. Hopefully Winnie will let him get some much needed rest and relaxation!

  3. Holy cow! You're really putting your money where your mouth is. Congrats, he really is a beautiful dog!

  4. Thanks Keith! Yeah, hopefully my parents don't freak out when I bring home two dogs to thanksgiving haha. You need to come back to NYC so you can meet him/hang out with meee.


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