Thursday, November 18, 2010


The great thing about pitbulls it their genetic diversity. People don't realize it but most dog breeds look 95% alike (think of all the Golden Retrievers or yellow Labs you have ever seen.) But since Pit Bulls have been allowed to breed at a faster rate and make up a large portion of the stray population, pit mixes can be not only extremely genetically healthy but so interesting to own. Think about it, pit mixes can be any color, any size, but they all have that loving wiggeling charm and loyalty about them.

We had our dog Winnie tested when we first got her; (see image below) it said that she was 25% Staffordshire terrier and some parts Toy Fox Terrir, Bulldog, Chowchow and Rottwieler. Not sure how much I trust it, but we're pretty sure she's a Pitador/Labrabull, at least she looks/acts that way. I found out recently that she came all alone with a rescue from Georgia to Animal Haven in Soho (I have all along thought that she was part of a litter rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri).

I had assumed Bruno was all pitty, not knowing what a 100% pit bull would even look like, I came across a Brindle-colored Great Dane on the web and decided that Bruno HAS to be part dane-- I see it mostly in the coloring, the dark black leathery lips and the giant head and long neck, but see for yourselves. Do you agree?

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  1. Wow, this is REALLY making me want to get my Chick tested! I have always wondered what he's made of, other than 100% love, smarts, and good looks of course.

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