Saturday, November 6, 2010

To DIE by tomorrow morning- Act Fast!

All of these beauties are on the Euth. List for tomorrow morning at Manhattan ACC, many of them I saw with my own eyes and fell in love with. Please call a rescue group, donate a couple of dollars to the dog's potential foster on facebook if they are collecting, or consider fostering yourself. At the very least share this page or the Urgent groups posts in hopes of getting the word out.

(Diamond)                                            (Antonio)

 (Lani)                                                   (Whitney) -See my picture on 11/1/10 Post


(Joyce)                                                                                                         (Lexus)

Tisha, Larry and Emperor tug at my heart a little because I was sure when I left the ACC that at least these dogs would be saved-- they were so full of life and kisses, I couldn't imagine them getting passed up. I really think it will be a tragedy when these dogs pass on, they are not ill or dangerous and ACC has no reason to put them down other than needing space.

An effort will be put forth by the wonderful people on URGENT Part 2 (Facebook group), comment on the dog's page if you can help.

Also, for more pictures and more information, visit these classified ads on Ebay-dogs on kill list are updated daily.

11:57 pm UPDATE! Little Emporer is safe! :) 
1:23 pm UPDATE! Larry and Whitney are safe! (Larry will live out his days in Florida on the beach) Antonio appears to have been pulled by Joanne who rescued Larry, also Diamond appears to have been pulled by a rescue group! (5/9 so far look safe for today)
5:59 pm UPDATE! Larry, Whitney, Emporer, Tisha and Joyce are 100% SAFE, no word yet on the others, 8-year old owner-surrendered Lexus was put down (not sick or aggressive). So incredibly cruel.
11/9/10 Update: Emporer's adopter backed out (can you believe this?) and he was placed back on the Euth List. Luckily, he was saved a second time :)

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