Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prop 8 is passed in Missouri!

Even though the Missouri Proposition 8 looked like it would be shot down in the polls all night on November 2nd, by midnight the campaigners called a victory (at 51.6% "Yes") because all the rural districts which were more likely to vote "No" on the animal rights proposition. (The rural counties were more likely to vote "No" because of a supposed smear campaign claiming that this would lead to more stringent rules for dairy, beef and poultry farmers and higher prices for eggs.)

"'This is a watershed moment for the dogs in Missouri’s breeding facilities,” said Kathy Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri." Read more from the Humane Society article here.

Prop 8 makes it illegal to house dogs in wire cages, will limit the number of breeding dogs to 50, will limit breeding two twice every 19 month per dog, and insures veterinary care and exercise for every dog. As of now, 30-40% of puppies in pet shops come from one state-Missouri, a number that is sure to drop as a result of this legislation.

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