Monday, November 22, 2010

Our First week with Bruno

Bruno is an amazing dog.
So sweet and loving, and the more he gets to eat and rest and play with Winnie, the more at home he becomes.

Bruno happens to be much better behaved than Winnie--
Here I am about to hand them their rawhide bones:
Notice Winnie cannot keep still. :)

 (Here lies the remnants of "Puppy," Winnie's little rotweiler tug toy... he didn't stand a chance against two dogs with big teeth :))
They do love their rawhides, but Winnie can be a bit of a bully, and usually will finish her bone before Bruno and try to steal it.

Of course, like good puppy-parents, we always try to even the score.

And luckily, Bruno is starting to stand up for himself, trying to steal toys right back:

And sometimes they will just lay together and give kisses :)

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