Monday, November 1, 2010

More Pits to Save:

Animal Care and Control of New York City by law cannot turn away an animal- but to make room for all those animals, they have to kill the dogs they do have in as short as 5 days. These dogs have such a small window of time for someone to notice them and save their lives.

Here is the data from NYC AC&C from 10/09 to 09/10

As you can see AC&C has killed 19,193 animals this year. They have saved fare more, 35,986 and that is a wonderful thing. AC&C has improved its' adoption statistics over the last 10 years, but the killing close to 20,000 animals is something that pulls at my heart. Unfortunately, there are no where near the number of rescue shelters needed to help these animals because there are simply not enough homes for them. They were born to provide puppies to satisfy a market that cannot care for them. At any given time, only a certain number of people in the U.S. can care for an adult dog, but because of the puppy mills over-breeding, people buy these puppies, cannot keep them, and that is why you see most of the dogs at AC&C are around 1 year old. One glance at their website and your heart sinks for the pit bulls that make up almost 100% of the adoptable dogs.

These are just of few of the darling dogs that have so little time left:
This is Rose, 1 year 3 mo old, F pit mix Click here to save her.
This is Hunter (M pit mix), only 7 months old but already has a neck injury from a neglectful owner who left him tied up until his collar became embedded. Click here to save him.
This is Roc (2yr M Staffie Pit mix) with his adorable winter hat on. He doesn't have long in the shelter as he has already been there 14 days. Click here to save him.

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