Friday, November 5, 2010

Urgent Part-2 (Facebook)

Today I came across an amazing Facebook page that posts all of the dogs on death row in NYC. Since I began following the page, 2 of the 4 dogs on the kill list in Brooklyn were killed this morning.

These two still need to find homes IMMEDIATELY before they are euthanized. (Slipknot (10 yr-f) and Sweety (a 5 yr old mama pitty)

UPDATE: Both these girls' lives were spared today, Slipknot was rescued by an upstate shelter and Sweety was given at least given one more day to live (She still needs help! Click here.)

The page is a great resource because not only does it get the word out quickly, it keeps the pictures of the dogs that have been destroyed in an album entitled "Gone but not forgotten." It also keeps an album of the "Saved" dogs that have been pulled from the kill list and adopted. As sad it is to look through the destroyed album, it is very uplifting to look through the saved album, because without this facebook groups at least some of those dogs would not be alive. (Click here to see all of Urgent's albums, a good way to see with a glance how many have been saved and how many have not.)

One dog on the "Destroyed list" really tugged at my heart, this is Lola just a tiny baby who caught kennel cough at the shelter and was put down 5 days after being brought in as a stray. I was really touched by how furious and emotional the posts were in Lola's case. It gives me hope that people are emotional enough about this cause to help change the city so no babies like Lola need to be put down anymore.

The page also links to classified ads in Google. It is so smart to post these ads on google surrounded by dogs that cost 300-1000 dollars because potential puppy-buyers may be convinced to save a dog's life instead. The keeper of these classifieds also updates the listing when a dog is saved. I've copied the list of saved dogs below. One of them is Bear, the one I saw adopted at ACC on Monday :) And another is "Boy" a sweet boy who lost his home when his owner went to jail-I know he was a favorite of the shelter volunteers and it is good to see that he was saved as well.

Thursday, November 4

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