Friday, June 17, 2011

AC&C - Double standards for publicity

Why is it that cruelty cases always find homes? So many healthy, otherwise happy dogs, die in the shelter every single day because they have a treatable cold- but when a dog like Ella comes along, as the news caster says "I know of so many people who are going to want that dog."

Unfortunately, the AC&C has been able to use this case to showcase their "rescue efforts" -- that they are rehabilitating this dog and she will be available for adoption in a few weeks.

Why do they spend time and money on Ella (who was thrown away in the garbage - like Patrick a couple months ago) when they are willing to put little Lucky & Miggy to sleep for being sick???

Luckily, little Lucky & Miggy were saved by rescue groups (Lucky is at In Our Hands & Miggy is @ Post Pets)- but not thanks to Animal Care & Control. It is so sad that they are willing to treat dogs differently when they see the potential to raise money and get positive press. They should be working tireslessly to make sure every single dog- emaciated or not, goes home.

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