Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Animal Abuse & Neglect - Worse than you thought.

You've all see the Sarah McLachlan commercials raising money for the ASPCA (which alone raises 30,000,000$ a year for the organization), but the more you take time to learn about what is happening to animals in the shelter system and in back yards and basements across the U.S. is even worse than the saddest things shown in the commercial.

Just take a look at these emaciated dogs- living at Animal Care & Control RIGHT NOW, desperate for food and comfort, but likely only to catch a bad cold and be put to sleep. Their owners should be arrested for neglect and allowing their dogs to wither away.

Luckily, many abused and emaciated dogs do find rescue (like little Eloise, 10 months old and only 18 lbs)....
because of the extremeity of their conditions, however, these are just a few who did not make it out and were killed by the ACC before given a chance.

Bait dogs and chained dogs often fare far worse. Many of you have heard of Sprout- a dog used by dog-fighters for practice for the others. He was saved and now is looking like 100%.
Tofu was another bait-dog recently saved from ACC:
Thanks to diligent rescuers, he is looking better already:
However, there are still brutal people in this world who own dogs despite their lack of care and consideration for animals as living beings. The most horrifying example of this that I have EVER seen is the story of Pheonix. He was chained in a back yard with no shelter from the 100 degree heat and beating sun. He survived to be rescued two days after his companion (also chained) died. He was covered in flies and maggots as the flesh on his back rotted away.

Amazingly, he was rescued- never again will he have to hide his water and save it for later as he does in this video, which has already brought me to tears.

I warn you, it is EXTREMELY hard to watch, but in my opinion- very much worth it because it inspires me to do more for abused animals.

I am so grateful for rescue groups that take on these hard cases, but so disheartened by the sorts of people that would allow animals to live and die like this. Visit Pheonix's facebook page to watch his progress.

Learn more about animal cruelty and what you can do, here.

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