Friday, June 24, 2011

Pitties of the week: Mamas & Alfie

One of my favorite shelters is Best Friends Animal Society in Utah dedicated to a world with no more homeless pets. Even though they are located in Utah, they make it possible for people all over the country to adopt their animals.

Best friends has 50 Pittie mixes waiting for homes- some from the Michael Vick cruelty case, some victims of hurricane Katrina, and many others. Scroll through and you'll find yourself falling in love more than once.

This week there are two Pitties of the Week:

First up, Mamas:

She's a 6 year old Lizard hunter, loves people and other dogs, loves to play and snuggle!

Mamas was found tied to a tree and starving in the hot Arizona sun with no food or water. She is healthy now, but is very active and needs a home that can keep up with her. Read more about her here.

Next up, Alfie:
This tiny puppy was born in Janurary of 2011. A bout of distemper has left him with little strength in his front legs, so he falls flat on his adorable face whenever he tries to walk. He is adoptable to the right family, but would need a family with patience as his condition improves. For now, he has a chin guard to protect him when he falls. How could you resist this face??

Here's how you can adopt from Best Friends:
First check out the adoptable dogs (or horses, kittens, farm animals-- they have them all!). If you find one you absolutely love, add their name to the adoption application you fill out. (Or email an adoption specialist to help match you.)
Next, after they check your app, you'll get a home check by a Best Friends member in your area.
Finally, all adopters are encouraged to visit the sanctuary- an experience I simply would never pass up (learn all about planning a visit to Angel Canyon here) - but if you can't, they will fly the dog to you for $300-$475.

Learn more about Best Friends' campaign for Pit Bulls- Save America's Dog.
If you have no room in your house to rescue, consider sponsoring- read about how I sponsored a "vicktory" dog, Squeaker, and catch up on Squeaker and the other vicktory dogs, here.

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