Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Pet is a Huge Responsbility...

Appologies and excuses won't save lives.

Scroll through the dead faces in this Urgent Part 2 album to see the excuses the ACC lists like "NEWBABY"  "LLORDPRIVA" (land lord won't allow) "NYCHABan" (NyC Housing Ban on pit bulls) "PETHEALTH" "TOOMANYP" (too many pets) "OWNEVICT" (Owner Evicted) "MOVE2PRIVA" (Moved) "TOOSTRONG" "PERSPROB" (Personal Problems) "NOTIME" "TOOACTIVE" or simply "ABANDON".

These six dogs were put to sleep recently for similar reasons- unfortuntaely, their owners probably thought they'd find homes somewhere when they dropped them off.


1 comment:

  1. It was part of our contract when we rescued Bailey and Katy so there was never a question. If we ever go through a breeder I would make the same choice. There is no need to take the risk.


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